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Looking for a Quality High Speed Door Supplier? Join 1000's Of Satisfied Customers.

We are a market leader in UK high speed door solutions for Greater Manchester, delivering cost effective, economical, practical, integrated products, tailored for every client.  Our experienced engineers are on call for you now.

High Speed Folding Door

High Speed Folding Doors

High Speed Folding Doors are partitioned with horizontal sections, making them sturdy solutions for your work area.    They are best-suited to larger work areas.

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High Speed Rolling Doors

This type of door is suited to both small and medium size openings and designed for use where heavy traffic is present.

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White High Speed Self Repairing Door

High Speed Self-Repairing Doors

Our new self repairing high speed door can be the best solution for your company logistics problem.

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Partition Walling or Curtain Walling

PVC Curtain Walling

Partition walls-or curtain walls- are the ideal solution to divide warehouses, cut off noisy or dusty machineries and to create sheltered work areas.

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PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains

Strip doors or curtains in transparent plastic are the cheapest and the fastest solution to divide small or large rooms.

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High Speed Door Repairs Maintenance

Maintenance and Repairs

UK High Speed Doors provide an emergency call out repair service if necessary, giving you peace of mind knowing that your shutter emergency can be taken care of quickly.

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Providing roller shutters and high speed doors to satisfied U.K. customers since 1994.

Rapid Action

Much faster than standard doors.

Climate Control

Excellent heat retention, keeps dust and vermin out.

Tough and Resilient

Less repairs from impacts due to tough materials and flexible design.

For Busy Work Areas

Less repairs from impacts due to tough materials and flexible design.

Suitable For Any Size

Many different sizes of openings are catered for.

Multiple Access Methods

Choose from a selection of easy remote access methods.


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